About The Squad

GK Endurance Development Squad started in 2017 with Coach Janine Kaye taking on a few local juniors and under 23 athletes.

After much success in both athletic development and communication with both athletes and parents, Janine expanded her squad to include a regular weekly programme. (See Weekly Schedule for details)

The goal is to develop younger athletes while providing a safe, supportive and fun environment that caters for growth in the sport.

Our communication is a key part of this growth. Understanding that each athlete progresses at different speeds is key, we keep the training specific to the athlete and their needs. 

We also have team support from specialist that Janine brings in to help athletes with Endurance education: Nutrition, Running Biomechanics, Physiotherapy: strength and more to ensure we are helping build a healthy long lasting athlete. 

Drop us a line if you'd like to come along to a session or to meet up with coach Janine to discuss. 


GK Endurance Development Squad

Janine Kaye