About GKEndurance

GK Endurance is a coaching company started by Kate Bevilaqua and Guy Crawford.

They are two professional Triathletes living in sunny Perth, Australia and Boise Idaho, USA.

GK Endurance also consists of four other amazing coaches in Ruth Chang, Janine Kaye, Brad Kaye and Mel Longman. More can be found out about our coaches on the "Meet The Team" Page

GK Endurance caters for everyone. From completing a sprint triathlon or 5km running event, to competing at the Ironman World Championships, an Ultraman or podium as a Pro! 

We meet (or Virtually meet) with you to talk through your goals and commitments (e.g. work and family). Our custom 1-1 programmes aren’t generic, they are built around you and your world. We like our athletes to think of their sport as a lifestyle and something they want to enjoy for the long term, so having the balance is key. 

As well as offering one to one programs, we also have a Development Squad run by Coaches Janine and Brad. They run these face to face sessions each week, closely monitoring progression and development. More info on the Development Squad can be found on the home page.

We Offer:

  • A Personalised training programme for triathlon (any distance)
  • Running Programmes (10k, Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultramarathon Trail and Road)
  • Swim analysis (Triathlon specific)
  • Group training sessions
  • Camps at race specific locations
  • Unlimited coach contact via email, phone and Skype.
  • Access to discounted products through sponsor deals
  • Access to video chats with us and guest speakers
  • Plus a lot of extra content (diet, race day nutrition, strength and more)

Please reach out to us at info@gkendurance.com if you have any questions on programmes, Squads or pricing